Our Team

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Providing in-person, online or phone sessions

I extend a warm welcome to all who seek solace along their travels through life. Join me in a nurturing space of gentle healing and support—a soft place to land where you can unburden yourself of whatever weighs heavy on your soul. Whether it's pain, uncertainty, or simply the need to be heard, if you want to sit with it for a moment, I'm here to help you hold it.

In my practice, vulnerability is celebrated as a profound display of strength. Your stories are honored here, and you deserve to be fully seen and understood in all your humanity. I am here to provide a safe and nonjudgmental space where you can authentically express yourself, explore your emotions, and move through healing at your own pace.


My approach is trauma-informed, with a focus on somatic integration to deeply connect mind, body, and spirit. I embrace a client-centered, holistic approach that integrates various evidence-based therapies, including ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy),...


Providing online or phone session

My name is Megan, and I am a registered psychotherapist (qualifying). I am passionate about mental health, and enjoy sharing this passion with clients in a safe, empowering, and genuine way. I believe that the client is the best authority of their lived experience and my job is to help them navigate their own path through self discovery and healing.


My approach focuses on creating an open, non-judgemental space where people can work through their struggles and develop tools that will help positively shape their experience in the world at large. I hope to create a space that is not just safe, but brave, in that it allows for growth, adaptation, and the unique expression of self.

I use a blend of mindfulness and somatic techniques to connect to the physical body as well as tools to explore an individual’s emotional and congestive landscape. Working with a client-centered focus, I tailor my work around your specific goals and needs.

I provide both virtual and phone services that take a...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

Hi! My name is Claire Bergen, and I am a registered psychotherapist. As a therapist, I aim to create a safe, warm, and welcoming space for people to open up about their experiences. Every individual is unique and there are many reasons for seeking out counselling, therefore I make ever effort to meet my clients where they are at in their own journey. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship is a powerful and essential component of the healing process.

I am passionate about taking a neurodiversity-affirming approach to therapy and working with neurodiverse populations. Neurodiversity-affirming therapy upholds the belief that individuals have differences in the way they think, learn, process, and perceive information, as well as how they interact with the world around them. I aim to provide therapy that highlights people’s natural strengths. Additionally, I take a holistic approach to mental health and well-being in session. This means considering all facets of life including emotional, social, physical,...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

My name is Kandice and I am a Registered Psychotherapist. As a therapist I help people work through many different kinds of challenges, whether that is looking at how their day-to-day lives are being impacted or working through deeper-rooted concerns. There are times in life when we all struggle, helping individuals work through the challenges they face in life by walking beside them is my passion and is always the main focus in my work.

I believe that all clients are unique and are the experts in their own lives, in session I put this belief into practice by helping clients discover their own path to healing. With all the individuals I support I explore in-depth the concerns they are experiencing, including looking at the emotions and behaviours we attach to our experiences. In all my work I use a trauma-informed lens. A trauma-informed approach acknowledges the impact trauma can have, recognizes the symptoms and looks at how this can affect a person's understanding of the world and their relationships. From this approach...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

Hello! My name is Anna and I am a Registered Psychotherapist. My decision to become a psychotherapist was influenced by having support through difficult early life experiences and wanting to give this same support back to the world. I am passionate about supporting clients to see their self in a more positive light, and to find a sense of meaning and belonging in life. I strive to support clients to feel understood and to make sense of their own experiences.

Areas of Focus

Anxiety and Panic, Depression, Social Anxiety, OCD, Self-esteem Issues, Trauma, Emotion Dysregulation, Relationships, Stress, Anger Management, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Addictions (e.g., food, substance-use), Grief.

I have experience supporting clients towards the following:

  • Increased sense of safety

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem

  • Increased self-love and self-compassion

  • Communication skills, such as assertiveness and setting...


Providing online or phone sessions and EMDR therapy

My name is Rajni, I am a Registered Psychotherapist and have been practicing in the field for the last 12 years. Finding the right support and feeling a connection with your therapist is important. My passion and work is centered around creating healing spaces where folks can feel supported and not alone in their mental health journeys. The path of recovery looks different for everyone, and it is my goal to help individuals discover what that might look like for them. My work with clients includes, but is not limited too, exploring the mind-body connection to heal trauma, discovering how past experiences are connected to the present, unpacking thought patterns, regulating emotions, or learning how our challenges are connected to larger-system and structural realities that can be oppressive and impact our mental health. I help clients work on strategies and tools that can address some of the root causes of their challenges and build a sense of meaning. I am currently doing a Ph.D. in Community Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions and EMDR therapy

I believe in a common humanity, which understands suffering as a universal human experience. What this means is that you are not alone. Even the feeling of isolation is part of the human experience. Whether you are feeling distressed, would like to deepen your understanding of your self, or would like to experience more joy and fulfilment in your life, I offer a safe space for you to unpack and be yourself. As someone who has personal experience healing from trauma, I have an appreciation for how past experiences and traumatic events can get in the way of our ability to form trusting relationships with others. Part of my work as a therapist is to work with you to demystify and gain a greater understanding of the roots to your unwanted feelings, thoughts, and actions that keep you stuck. With this understanding, we can move forward together to begin embracing a more purposeful and fulfilling life. I look forward to getting to know you and working alongside you in your healing journey.



Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

It is part of the human experience to have ups and downs in life. My passion as a therapist is holding space for those struggling or navigating through life’s difficulties. As a client centered therapist, my goal is to provide clients a warm, safe and accepting environment where they can feel comfortable to share their story. Each individual person is unique, and it is important to me to understand all of the aspects of a persons life that make them who they are.

Together we will collaboratively develop goals that would be meaningful, that are realistic, achievable and bring you closer to the life you want to live. During our time together we will develop self reflection, work through difficult emotions and thoughts, and make use of new coping skills and strategies to restore your sense of wellbeing. I believe that trust, compassion and validation are the keys to a successful therapeutic relationship. Empathy is at the core of my work to genuinely care for each and every client and helping them on their journey to reach...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio. My name is Alicia, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a Certified Music Therapist. My life story and journey with my mental health led me to this beautiful career; I am a wounded healer and wear that badge proudly. In my work as a therapist, I am deeply honoured by the opportunity to partner with individuals as they experience healing and transformation in their lives. In the therapy space, whether virtual or in-person, I aim to cultivate an environment that is safe and non-judgemental. I acknowledge that we are two real human beings coming together, developing a therapeutic relationship, and that - ultimately - you are the expert on your life. 

Areas of Focus

  • Trauma, PTSD, and C-PTSD

  • Addiction

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Self-esteem/self-worth

  • Co-occurring diagnoses (i.e., having more than one diagnosis/presenting...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and resilience. I'm Allie, a dedicated psychotherapist passionate about uncovering the strength and potential within each individual. My mission is to guide you through the process of self-discovery, offering a safe and respectful space where you can feel truly heard and understood. One of the most interesting things about my profession is learning the resilience and strength someone can build.

A key component of the therapeutic relationship is to really connect with the counsellor. Navigating life's challenges can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. With my support, you'll learn to view challenges from a new perspective, fostering self-compassion and inspiring change. Whether you're dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic experience, adjusting to a new life as an immigrant, or seeking to improve your relationships, I'm here to support you.

My Story: Born and raised in Northern Mexico and now residing in Canada, my journey has provided me with a rich cultural...


Providing In-person, online or phone sessions

To give you a better sense of my work as a therapist here is a little more about me. My desire to work as a psychotherapist began with my own personal journey and experience accessing counselling services. There are moments in life when we all need support, when we deserve to be respected and validated as we navigate challenges in our lives.


The therapeutic modalities I primarily use are Narrative Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT). My work with clients includes, but is not limited too, looking at how the past may be influencing the present, unpacking behaviours, regulating emotions, interpersonal relationships, impulsivity, and increasing mindfulness. I have extensive training and experience with a biopsychosocial approach, and provide support that looks at people as a whole: physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

I have worked alongside individuals with a range of concerns and have worked specifically with borderline...


Hi my name is Karly and I am the Clinic Manager of KW Mental Health and Wellness (MHW).

My journey into this field started, like for many, with navigating my own mental health and accessing services. As the Clinic Manager I am often the person you will connect with first when you are reaching out to our clinic. Reaching out can be challenging and speaking to anyone especially a new person can be uncomfortable. I am here to answer questions, help you navigate services and to support you in finding the therapist that is the right fit.

I strive to create a place where people can connect and feel supported even before speaking with their therapist.