FREE 20-Minute Consultation

Telephone or online video consultation with the therapist of your choice

Telephone Consultation - 0.00

Free 20 -minute counselling Session by phone

Online Video Consultation - 0.00

Free 20 -minute online counselling session

Individual Counselling Session

For ages 15+

50-minute Telephone Counselling - 150

Please ensure you are in a comfortable, private space at the time of the call with stable phone reception.

50-minute Online Counselling - 150

Please ensure you are in a comfortable, private space at the time of the call with a stable internet or wifi connection.

50-minute In-Person Counselling - 160

Meet with your therapist on site. Located in Belmont Village (Kitchener - Waterloo), our location is easy to get to using transit and has free parking for clients.

80- minute In-Person Counselling - 190

(Kitchener - Waterloo)

80-minute Online Counselling - 180

EMDR Session

For ages 15+

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) focuses directly on the traumatic memory and is intended to change the way that the memory is stored in the brain, reducing and eliminating PTSD symptoms.

50- minute Online EMDR Counselling - 150

80-minute Online EMDR Counselling - 180

50-minute EMDR In-Person Counselling - 160

In Office (Kitchener-Waterloo)

80-minute EMDR In-Person Counselling - 190

In Office (Kitchener-Waterloo)


KW Mental Health and Wellness is a self-referral clinic that offers professional mental health services to individuals who are 15 years of age or older. Self-referral means that the individual seeking mental health therapy initiates the services on their own. They can do this by booking online, calling us or even emailing us. We believe self-referral is important because it helps promote empowerment, engagement, and respects the privacy and confidentiality of the individual.

Sliding Scale

We offer more affordable counselling for a limited number of individuals because we understand not everyone who needs mental health services can afford them. If you are someone who does not have coverage through benefits and requires a sliding scale, please contact us to get more information.


Cancellation & Confidentiality

Cancellation Policy

KW Mental Health and Wellness requires a minimum of 24 hours' notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, otherwise you will be charged for a full session.

We recognize that sometimes life happens and some situations can't be helped. In cases of unexpected emergencies, let us know how we can help. Please contact the office immediately to let us know that you are unable to attend your session, whether you are booked for in-person, telephone or online counselling, and we will work with you to find a solution.

Privacy & Confidentiality


The information you share during your therapy session stays private between you and your therapist.

Limits to Confidentiality

There are four limits to confidentiality where your counsellor is legally obligated to report to the appropriate authorities:

1. Imminent risk of harm to yourself or others;

2. If there is a risk of harm to a child and/or dependent;

3. If you disclose abuse caused by a licensed medical professional (i.e. a doctor or another counsellor)

4. If your therapist’s case notes are subpoenaed for court