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In this blog post we will be reviewing some of the different types of organizations that exist in the mental health field. We hope this will help folks understand what is available to them and how to better navigate mental health services. There are many different kinds of mental health services available, the ones we will touch base on will be non-for-profit organizations, private practices, employee assistance programs (EAP’s) and crisis/help lines.

Private Practice: A private practice offers ongoing therapy with registered therapists which is paid for privately by the person accessing the service. In private practice you can access all sorts of therapy such as family therapy, couples therapy, and individual therapy. You can also receive different kinds of...

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Sometimes it is hard to know the difference between acceptance and toxic positivity. Often when we attempt to turn our minds towards acceptance, we can accidentally land in toxic positivity instead. One reason for this is because our society promotes toxic positivity, we hear it everywhere, on social media, on the shows we watch, from friends and family, and often in the stigma surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

In this post we will be looking at the difference between radical acceptance and toxic positivity, how to spot the difference and how to be mindful of toxic positivity in our lives and in our thoughts.

What is radical acceptance?

Radical Acceptance is a conscious decision to let go of fighting reality. Acceptance takes commitment and effort and...

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What is a Psychologist? What is a Psychotherapist? What is the difference between a Psychologist and Psychotherapist? Can I see a Clinical Social worker? What is RP vs. RP (Qualifying)? Do I have insurance coverage for counselling services?

These are all great questions and are things that can make looking for a therapist/counsellor a bit confusing. In this blog we will touch base on the different types of therapists/counsellors in Ontario and what that means for you. We will also touch base on how to know if you have coverage through an employer or benefit company for counselling services.

Types of therapists/counsellors in Ontario:

There are several different types of therapists/counsellors that you can see in Ontario that are licensed to provide...

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What is somatic healing, how do we practice it, and how can it help us in our lives? Learn all about somatic healing, also known as somatic therapy, below and contact us today — we offer a easy to use, secure and confidential online therapy and counselling services!