Telephone Counselling

What are the benefits of choosing telephone counselling?

Comfort: With telephone counselling, you can be in a space that you feel comfortable in, and unlike in-person and video, phone counselling allows folks to practice self-care more easily during the session. For example, if you are someone who likes to move and walk as you talk, or you are someone who likes to use fidgets or hold ice packs to ground yourself, you may benefit.

More Options: When you seek counselling services over the telephone, you are no longer limited to a specific geographical location, such as if you visited our Kitchener-Waterloo office. Your choices on who you would like to work with greatly expand.

Flexibility: It’s much easier to schedule a counselling appointment when you aren’t required to travel anywhere. For folks with busy schedules, this may be a more convenient way of getting mental health therapy.

Considerations: Do you have a comfortable space where you could take a private call?